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Mayor's Burn Proclamation

Posted by spinnaker at Mar 21, 2014 12:10 PM |


PURSUANT to provision of the Code of the City of St. John, Kansas, Section 15-509:

I HEREBY AUTHORIZE the burning of BRUSH, TREES, SHRUBS, LEAVES, AND GRASS CLIPPINGS on residential properties within the City Limits of St. John, Kansas, between the dates of October 17th and November 30, 2014.

PURSUANT to provision of the Code of the City of St. John, Kansas Section 12-205, Sections C, D, and E:

SUCH BURNING shall not be started earlier than one hour after sunrise and no material shall be added to any fire later than two hours before sunset.

BURNING SHALL NOT be carried out on days when the wind exceeds 15 MPH.  Water shall be available at the site of all burning and shall be continuously supervised by an adult.

BEFORE COMMENCING any such burning, the Stafford County Dispatch shall be notified at 549-3247 of the location and time of the proposed burn and of the nature of the material to be burned.

DATED THIS 16th DAY OF September, 2014.