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Educational Post - Weeds

Posted by Pam Watson at Jul 31, 2018 04:30 PM |

📚Educational Post📚

For those that are not aware: 
There are many working hard to keep up with the weeds and/or grass growing in the gutters and edges of streets, even maintaining our own properties. However, some of the citizens of St. John need to remember that there are ordinances in place for these issues.

The main cause of the weeds and/or grass that is growing in the gutters and street edges, along with alley ways is due to people not taking care of the weeds in their own areas and/or blowing their grass into the streets and not maintaining where they should be, which only begins to address half of the issues. Grass getting into our sewer system and bringing unwanted animals in our town is not something any of us want either.

Please, keep in mind the following ordinance that explains that the property owners responsibilities include the gutters and curbs around their property, even the alley ways. Many home owners also leave weeds around the edge of their yards and around street sign and fire hydrants, just a reminder that this is also the landowners responsibility to maintain.

We are all doing our part to work hard and make St. John a great place to be, please, step up and be part of the help!!articleWeeds