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Swimming Pool

Contact Information
(620) 549-3875
(620) 786-4414   Stephanie Smith 

St. John's swimming pool features a children's pool, diving boards, and playground.

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Hours- Open Memorial Day through the Sunday before Labor Day

1:00pm-8:00pm Monday - Friday

1:00pm-6:00pm Saturday & Sunday

8:00pm-9:00pm Tuesday & Thursday (ADULT SWIM ONLY)

If the temperature is 70 degrees or above at 12:00 p.m., the pool will open at the regularly scheduled time.  If the temperature is less than 70 degrees at 12:00 p.m., the temperature will be re-evaluated at 2:00 p.m. if at that time the temperature is 70 degrees or above the pool will open at 2:30 p.m. if it is not the pool will remain closed for the day.  In the event of stormy weather, all patrons will be asked to leave the pool area for 30 minutes.  If the weather does not clear, the pool will close at that time.  If management is notified by emergency personnel that severe weather is approaching all patrons will be required to leave the pool immediately.

Season passes are distributed throughout the summer.  Only immediate family is allowed on family passes.  Child care providers and other relatives or friends will not be allowed to use the pass.

image of kids in swimming pool

Season Pass Rate:

Family - $50.00 + 1.00 per family member
Adult Single - $25.00
Youth Single - $25.00

Daily Rates:

K-12 - $1.00
Adults - $2.00

Each patron must pay the daily rate or purchase a season pass.

Pool Parties & Rates
Pool parties will be held either before or after the regular pool hours.  Outside food and drink will be permitted.  Unless otherwise notified, the concession stand will not be in operation for pool parties.  Regular rules apply for parties, there are NO exceptions.  No alcohol is permitted.  Trash and food items will be cleaned up by whoever rents the pool for the party.  Parties are limited to 2 hours, no exceptions.  The fee for a one hour pool party is $30.00.  Pool parties may be scheduled during the regular season that the pool is open to the public.  Availability will depend on staff scheduling.  The fee for the party must be paid at the time of making the reservation and is non-refundable unless management is required to have the pool closed due to weather or equipment malfunction. If a public session is cancelled or closed a party may still be held if the reason for closing has been rectified. Management will make this decision.

St. John Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations

clipart of lifeguard floating device

  • Management reserves the right to restrict entry into the facility when full capacity is reached.

3.2. No talking back or arguing with lifeguards or management.

  • Improper conduct and profane language will not be tolerated

5.4. Patrons suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted.

6.5. Use of tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs is prohibited.

7.6. No running

8.7. No dunking or otherwise unruly play

9.8. Never jump over, on, or near a swimmer in the water

11.9. No suntan OILS

12.10. No gum while swimming

13.11. Do not visit with lifeguards while on duty

14.12. Most water toys, subject to management approval are allowed in the pool area. Water guns are not allowed.

15.13. No glass containers are permitted at the pool

  • No loitering in entrance way or dressing room

16.15. Paper or cloth diapers are prohibited in the pool.  Swim diapers must be used.  Diapers are to be changed in the bathrooms.

17.16. All swimmers must wear a regulation swimsuit.  No cutoffs, thongs, or other swimsuits determined inappropriate by management are allowed.

  • Adults may wear street clothes while supervising children at both the wading and main pool area and will not be charged adult admission.
  • Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a responsible party, as determined by the pool manager.
  • The baby pool is only for children 7 years of age and under unless authorized by the pool manager.

18.20. Management reserves the right to disallow any activity deemed to be unsafe, unsanitary, or inappropriate.

  • The City of St. John or the pool management are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings. Please leave valuables at home.

image of kid diving into swimming pool

Diving Area Rules

  • Alternate one board used at a time.
  • One bounce on the diving boards
  • One person on the diving boards at a time
  • No gainers or any tricks that the patron leaves the board backwards (backwards flips, cut-aways, etc.)
  • Only parents with manager’s approval are allowed in the deep end to assist their child after entering the water off the board.
  • Clear the area before the next person goes off the board.  Patron goes off the board and exits in a timely manner.
  • No swimming in the diving area unless authorized by the management.
  • No persons using life preservers allowed to go off the diving boards.
  • Patrons must be able to swim the length of the 12 foot depth area from the rope to the west wall before being allowed to use the diving boards.

Slipper Slide Area Rules

  • You must be 48 inches or taller to use this slide
  • You must be less than 275 pounds to use this slide
  • Only one person allowed on the slide at any given time.
  • Roughhousing or horseplay on the slide and in the slide area is strictly prohibited
  • Use this slide only in a sitting position facing forward with legs and arms extended in front on the body
  • Enter, ride and exit the slide feet-first
  • Do not wear goggles or flotation devices when using the slide
  • You must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted
  • A lifeguard or parent may not go down with you or wait at the bottom of the slide for you
  • Women who are pregnant should not use the slide
  • People with history of back problems, heart conditions or fear of heights should not use the slide
  • Individuals who exhibit frailty due to age or health should not use the slide